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The Program


BraveBeginnings was cofounded in 2006 by Peg Willman and Nancy Castle. Since that time BraveBeginnings has served over 375 families in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

The specially designed program provides quality early intervention to all toddlers at risk for developmental delays.

New Jersey has one of the highest rates of Autism in the world and BraveBeginnings staff and volunteers work fiercely to help each one of these unique young children reach her/his potential.


During each two-hour class, every child works on all areas of development.

  • Language-rich environment; choice-making opportunities, language modeling, and sign language

  • Throughout each class, there are several opportunities for peer interaction, sharing, and cooperative play

  • Each child works on joint attention during circle time activities. Every two-year-old learns to sit and participate in half-hour circle time activities ensuring preschool readiness

  • BraveBeginnings has 2 sensory rooms where every child despite her/his physical limitations engages in a variety of sensory play experiences.  From swinging to jumping to rock climbing to cart pushing to bike riding to twirling and dancing and laughing out loud fun

  • No family denied for any reason: language barriers, financial limitations or behavioral concerns.

What is Brave Beginnings?

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