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Holly and Gwenn became involved with BraveBeginnings while working as Early Intervention (Birth-3) providers and quickly recognized how unique the program was in addressing behavior and skill development in a playful, caring environment that was also supportive of parents. Gwenn and Holly believe using a strengths and play based approach to support sensory differences and to facilitate the development of social emotional and motor skills in children during their daily routines is critical. They believe that families should be included in treatment programming and that the relationship a child forms with their caregivers is foundational to learning, communicating and growing. Holly and Gwenn are supported by Peg Willman. Peg is a Special Educator and co-founder of BraveBeginnings, Inc. Peg earned her Master of Education in 2004 from Colorado State University and a certificate of Sign Language interpretation from Union County College. After teaching multiply disabled preschoolers for five years Peg co-founded BraveBeginnings in 2006. As an experienced educator, Peg designed an effective two-hour language rich program for toddlers diagnosed with a myriad of developmental delays for children ages 18 months-4 years of age. Peg believes that every child deserves the chance to reach their potential in a sensory rich, nurturing environment. The BraveBeginnings program is designed to address all areas of development, specializing in socialization, play skills, self-regulation, and executive function.

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